The tournament is played according to the latest IHF Beach Handball rules. (Download PDF)

1. Fair Play

The Philosophy of Beach Handball is based on the principles of "Fair Play". Every decision will be taken according to these principles. This means that we expect participants to respect each other's health, integrity, and body.

2. Organization Committee

The tournament committee together with the EHF delegate are responsible for the match schedule, playing times, results & ranking, and other matters concerning the tournament.

3. Playing attire

Each team plays in a uniform set of clothing. The specialists (goalkeepers) must wear different color shirts. If the referees consider that the clothing of two teams is likely to cause confusion, the team named second in the playing schedule shall change its clothing to ensure a good contrast. If no secondary set of clothing is available, training bibs will be provided by the organization.

4. Match Report

Prior to the first match each team plays, a list of players (with numbers) has to be provided to the organization. Before every match, the team official will have to check and sign the match report.

6. Protests

There is no possibility for protests.

7. House rules

In order to make this tournament as pleasant as possible for everybody involved we ask to take these rules in consideration:

  • It is not allowed to bring your own drinks and food to the tournament location. You can buy drinks and food at the courts.
  • Please take care of your garbage and deposit it the bins round the playing courts.
  • The organization is not responsible for loss or damage of possessions.
  • Each team is responsible for their own behavior and actions in the Sports Park, and sleeping accommodation. Try to consider your environment and the rules of common sense.
  • All other decisions not addressed in these regulations are made by the organization.

7.1 Rules Camp Site

  • If applicable place your tent within the area you are instructed to.
  • Keep the corridors free, to give access to emergency services.
  • No fire of any kind is permitted, as well as any kind of cooking equipment.
  • Keep the campsite clean, deposit your trash in the bins or use a garbage bag that can be provided to you.
  • Please consider your fellow players and our neighbors and keep the noise to an acceptable level. No music or loud noise after 22 pm.

5. Match system, and classification
5.1 Preliminary round

In the preliminary round each team is drawn into groups, and will play against each opponent once. The draw is based on current EBT ranking and restrictions to keep teams from te same as separated as possible.

The duration of all the matches (including placement matches, semi-finals, and finals) will be 2 x 10 minutes (5 minute half time break, including change of ends). Each team can ask for 1 team time-out per half. If the match is undecided, a shout-out will be played. Drinking water is provided by the organization in the form of bottles that can be refilled. Tap water in the Netherlands is perfectly safe to drink and is even cleaner than bottled water.

5.1.1 Ranking

Teams are ranked by adding points gained. A point is awarded for every set won. Goal points are awarded according to the official IHF Rules of the Game for Beach handball.

If, after completion of the group matches, two or more teams have gained the same number of points, the following ranking system will apply:

  • number of won matches.
  • results in points between the teams concerned.
  • period difference in the matches between the teams concerned
  • goal point difference (excluding the shoot out points) in the matches between the teams concerned
  • greater number of plus goal points (excluding the shoot out points) in the matches between the teams concerned
5.2 Semi-finals and placement matches

After the completion of the preliminary round, two new groups will be formed with the top and bottom teams of the preliminary groups. Points scored against the same teams as in the preliminary groups will be carried over.

5.3 Finals and placement matches

After the completion of the second group stage the respective teams will play finals and placement matches.